100 Free Crochet Patterns That Are Perfect For Beginners

1 Easy Crocheted Chunky Blanket

Easy Crocheted Chunky BlanketOkay, so even if you don’t crochet, you have to admit that this blanket is absolutely stunning. I love the details in the stitches and what’s even better – it’s so easy to make! This is a great blanket for giving as a gift or keeping for yourself. You’ll need a size Q crochet hook and your yarn in whatever color you choose. It takes about 13 balls of yarn – this is a really large blanket! It also takes only a few days to make, even if you’re new to crocheting, you can have it finished in about a week.

Tutorial and Pattern: alwaysrooney

2 Soap Saver Pattern

Soap Saver PatternThis soap saver is great for holding those little ends of soap that are left over when the bar gets smaller. The pattern is so easy to make and allows you to use your soap until it’s all finished – even with the little bits and pieces. This one takes an H crochet hook and just very little yarn. It’s also a really simple project that you can easily have finished in a day, even if you aren’t an avid crocheter.

Tutorial and Pattern: thestitchinmommy

3 Slouch Hat And Fringe Infinity Scarf

Slouch Hat And Fringe Infinity ScarfThis slouch hat and infinity scarf go together and both of them are really easy to crochet. These would also make wonderful gifts and they’re just so stylish! Bulky weight yarn works wonderfully for this one and you could do so many different colors. Imagine having a great hat and scarf to match every outfit! Both the hat and scarf take little time even for beginners and are great for showing off your skills.

Tutorial and Pattern: littlemonkeyscrochet

4 Easy DIY Chain Necklace

Easy DIY Chain NecklaceIf you’re really new to crocheting, this chain necklace is the perfect place to begin. There is very little crocheting needed to create it, so it’s a wonderful practice piece. Plus, when you’re finished you will have this amazing homemade necklace to wear. You could even do this with different colors if you want to up your skillset just a bit and make the necklace more easily matchable to everything in your closet.

Tutorial and Pattern: jessieathome

5 Summer Popsicle Bag Pattern

Summer Popsicle Bag PatternNo, you won’t be storing popsicles in the bag when you’re finished. This is a pattern for a great summer snack bag that looks like a popsicle. It’s also a great place to keep sunglasses, water bottles, or your cell phone safe and handy when you’re at the lake or beach this summer. I love the red, white, and blue color scheme. You’ll get to practice changing colors of yarn while you work, and the overall project is really easy and can be finished in just a few hours.

Tutorial and Pattern: snappy-tots

6 Pretty Crocheted Afghan

Pretty Crocheted AfghanI have to tell you, I’m a sucker for a gorgeous afghan. I have so many of them all over the house. They’re great for decorating the backs of couches and chairs, for beds, or just for cozying up to when it’s a bit cool outside. This one can be done in whatever color you want of course, but I really adore the off white look. It’s also easy and you can finish this in about a week or so even if you’re not working for more than just an hour or so a day.

Tutorial and Pattern: persialou

7 Adorable Crochet Giraffe

Adorable Crochet GiraffeOh my goodness this little giraffe is cuteness overload. Honestly, he’s just too adorable and would make a wonderful gift at your next baby shower. Or, you could make one for your own little one. You could totally do this in pink or blue or choose a neutral color like yellow. It’s such a lovely little baby cloth project and one that doesn’t take long at all to complete. You may even want to make a couple and create a little zoo basket.

Tutorial and Pattern: ravelry

8 Easy Ruffled Crochet Bag

Easy Ruffled Crochet BagI really like this little ruffled bag. I think if you’re a bit more skilled, you could totally do different colors or even create a chevron like pattern with this one. Believe it or not, the ruffles aren’t even that difficult, and this is a great bag for your first crochet project. The bag is just a bit larger than a clutch, so it’s relatively small – perfect for holding lipstick, cell phone, and other essentials for a night on the town.

Tutorial and Pattern: crochetdreamz

9 Easy DIY Fourth Of July Potholder

Easy DIY Fourth Of July PotholderSo, summer is coming – not quickly enough for some of us, but it’s coming nonetheless. This Fourth of July potholder will be perfect this summer for your barbecues and family get-togethers. It measures about seven by seven inches when finished, and has a gorgeous star right in the center. You could easily make a few of these in a week, even if you’re just crocheting at night after work.

Tutorial and Pattern: crochetjewel

10 Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern

Owl Granny Square Crochet PatternGranny squares are my favorite crochet pattern. I love how they look when they’re finished. These owls would make wonderful potholders or you could put them all together to form a blanket or any number of other wonderful creations. As complicated and gorgeous as they look, they’re really easy to make and you can customize them with whatever colors you want.

Tutorial and Pattern: repeatcrafterme

11 Crocheted Popsicle Snuggy

Crocheted Popsicle SnuggyI really needed this pattern when my kids were younger. It’s a snuggy to hold a popsicle and it’s wonderful. Kids love popsicles, you know those thin ones in plastic, but they really do get very cold. These snuggies will keep your little one’s hands from getting too cold and allow her to enjoy her popsicle at the same time. Messes aren’t a problem either, because you can wash the snuggy when you need to. You could make several of these in a week, and it’s the perfect project for summertime fun.

Tutorial and Pattern: calleighsclips

12 Handmade Crochet Trinket Boxes

Handmade Crochet Trinket BoxesThese trinket boxes are great for décor and for organizing. They’re also great for giving out as Mother’s Day gifts or for any special occasion. Use them on the dresser to hold rings or earrings and keep them in place. The pattern is really easy, and since the boxes are small, they won’t take you long at all to make – even with the tiny lid. Note that the pattern only covers the box itself – you’ll have to make the decorations separately if you want to decorate your box.

Tutorial and Pattern: yellowpinkandsparkly

13 Shell Stitch Cowl Pattern

Shell Stitch Cowl PatternThis cowl scarf is gorgeous no matter what color you choose to do it in. The shell stitch is really easy, even if you’ve never done it before, and it makes this scarf look really beautiful. You’ll need a 6 mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn. Four skeins of yarn make a 60 inch cowl, so you can alter the number of skeins you need based on how long or short you want the scarf. The overall workup is really easy though and you can probably finish this in just a few hours.

Tutorial and Pattern: shesowsseeds

14 Simple Crocheted Car Seat Cover

Simple Crocheted Car Seat CoverAny new mother will love receiving this crocheted car seat cover that you can easily make in just a few hours. If you really want to be creative, you can add a crocheted character to it, or just leave it plain. It’s gorgeous either way. The cover protects babies from wind or sun – just like those that you buy in stores. But this one is homemade, and that is after all, the best way to do things.

Tutorial and Pattern: ravelry

15 Crocheted Chain Bracelets

Crocheted Chain BraceletsSo, we’ve seen a pattern for a crocheted chain necklace. This one is for chain bracelets that are even easier to crochet than their longer counterparts. You’ll need bracelet hooks to hold the chains together – and this one is done in three different colors which makes it look absolutely gorgeous. This is another one that you can finish in just a few hours, and it’s perfectly simple for those who have never crocheted before.

Tutorial and Pattern: superziper

16 DIY Coffee Mug Cozy

IY Coffee Mug CozyThis is a really easy project for a cute little copy for your morning coffee mug. You could probably adjust the pattern to fit any number of cups or glasses. I love the buttons that hold it all together. These would make wonderful gifts for anyone you know who really enjoys their morning coffee or you could make a matching set for your own kitchen.

Tutorial and Pattern: ravelry

17 Mystic Mermaid Cocoon

Mystic Mermaid CocoonI absolutely love this little mermaid cocoon for babies. It only takes two skeins of yarn to make the cocoon including the tail and ruffles at the top. I love the entire look of this and any new mother would really love it as a gift for her little girl. You could do it in any number of colors and even change out colors if that’s part of your skill set. This one looks a bit more complicated but can still be completed easily in just a few hours.

Tutorial and Pattern: bhookedcrochet

18 Adorable Pixie Hat And Booties

Adorable Pixie Hat And BootiesYou won’t believe how easy this adorable crocodile pixie hat and booties are to crochet. You’ll definitely want to give these a go if you have a little one coming or if you know someone who is expecting. There are three sizes available; ranging from newborn to 24 months, so this one is great for mothers to be or new mothers. I love the vintage look of the hat, it has such a frontier bonnet appeal to it, and the booties are just too cute.

Tutorial and Pattern: ravelry

19 Cuffed Baby Booties

Cuffed Baby BootiesSpeaking of baby booties, these cuffed booties are just entirely too adorable. The little buttons on the side really makes them stand out, and I love that you can do the cuffs in a contrasting color from the actual bootie. The pattern fits sizes six to twelve months, but if you know how, you could adjust it for smaller or larger sizes. There’s also instructions on how to create the cute little flower for girls.

Tutorial and Pattern: repeatcrafterme

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