15 Decorative And Easy Candles And Votives You Can DIY For Under $1



1. DIY Cake Scented Funfetti Candle

DIY Cake Scented Funfetti CandleIf you have a birthday celebration coming up, or even if you just love the smell of birthday cake, you are going to really like this DIY cake scented funfetti candle. Add vanilla to the other ingredients and it will have a wonderful birthday cake scent. The colorful sprinkles are great and they make this one perfect to give as a gift. I love the idea of giving homemade candles as gifts, and most people love the idea of receiving them as gifts.

Tutorial: sewlicioushomedecor

2. Cathrineholm Enamelware Candles

Cathrineholm Enamelware CandlesCathrineholm Enamelware is a line of kitchen products. The products were produced by a Norwegian company that closed its doors in 1970, making vintage pieces from that line really expensive. The design is beautiful but who wants to pay several thousand dollars for a plate just to get that design? Instead, you can create these lovely votive holders that mimic that same design and will only cost you around a dollar as opposed to a thousand.

Tutorial: howaboutorange

3. Homemade French Vanilla Candles

Homemade French Vanilla CandlesThese amazing french vanilla candles will make your entire home smell like a coffee shop. With coffee beans and vanilla beans, this candle has a wonderful scent and to make it really affordable, you can chop up an old unscented candle for the wax that you need, or buy a bag of unscented votive candles from the Dollar Store for a dollar. You use a jelly jar or any small bowl or glass that you have on hand to create these yummy smelling candles.

Tutorial: hellonatural

4. DIY Glittery Votives

DIY Glittery VotivesVotive candles are so inexpensive, which is what makes this glittery votive such a must have. You can buy votive candles in huge bags from the Dollar Store and use these glittery votives that you make to house them. You just take a small clear glass vase or even a clear glass votive holder and add glitter to make this. Do them in many different colors or choose a specific theme. These are great for homemade gifts – just add one of those cheap little votive candles and you’ve got a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Tutorial: houseofearnes

5. Mercury Glass Votive Holders

Mercury Glass Votive HoldersMercury glass is gorgeous, especially when it’s all lit up with candlelight. With a can of spray mercury paint, you can turn old glasses and empty candle holders into these amazing mercury glass votive holders. I love how very easy it is to get a seemingly expensive candle holder – only you will know that you made it yourself and that it cost less than a dollar to create. These are also perfect for gifts and you can make several with just one can of paint.

Tutorial: ruffledblog

6. Homemade Holiday Multi-Scented Candles

Homemade Holiday Multi-Scented CandlesChristmas is some time away – so you have plenty of time to create these wonderful holiday candles. If you have the necessary essential oils, this DIY candle project won’t cost you anything. You can use unscented candles if you have them for the wax, so again, it’s a free project. Just color wax in red and green, and you’ll use the naturally colored wax for white, then add your scents. As the candles burn down, you get a new scent!

Tutorial: helloglow

7. DIY Whimsical Tote Candles

DIY Whimsical Tote CandlesThis gorgeous DIY candle can be made with things that you probably already have on hand. You’ll need a jar – those mason jars are perfect for this – as well as pine or heather, a belt and some wire or twine. Just add a votive candle or a scented one if you prefer. These look beautiful lining the porch for the holidays or hang them on the deck with the heather for spring and summer. It’s an easy project and one that costs very little if anything – assuming you have certain supplies on hand.

Tutorial: stylizimoblog

8. Easy DIY Picture Candle Holder

Easy DIY Picture Candle HolderThis is a wonderful project that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift or a gift for any special occasion. You take plain glass candle holders or glasses and use picture negatives to create the image. Negatives can’t really be seen unless there is a bit of light behind them, which makes this candle idea perfect for viewing old pictures. You’re sure to have negatives from before the digital age, right? You can use those to make these lovely votive holders and then just add a cheap votive candle from the Dollar Store to give those images the light they need to be seen.

Tutorial: photojojo


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