15 DIY Patio Fire Bowls That Will Make Your Summer Evenings Relaxing And Fun

1. Easy DIY Flaming Centerpiece

Easy DIY Flaming CenterpieceThis is a gorgeous little fire bowl and it’s so very easy to make. You will need a container of some sort that is fireproof. You can use a galvanized bowl for this and paint it a nice bright color or something that matches your patio color and décor. Then, just add recycled tempered glass chips and a can of gel fuel. Just light it up and it will stay lit for hours – until the gel fuel runs out.

Tutorial/Source: bhg

2. Beautiful Customized DIY Fire Bowl

Beautiful Customized DIY Fire BowlThe thing about DIY is you can literally make things look however you want them to look. Take this gorgeous DIY fire bowl for instance. You make it yourself from concrete and a bowl for a form and then add decorations while the concrete is setting – like leaves for imprints. Hosta leaves look beautiful but you could use anything that you want to give your bowl the look you want it to have. Then you add your filler and a can of gel fuel and you’ve got a beautiful customized tabletop fire bowl.

Tutorial/Source: glenda-jsworld

3. Simple Ceramic Bowl Fire Pit

Simple Ceramic Bowl Fire PitBuilding your own tabletop fire pit doesn’t have to be difficult. You can use any number of materials so long as they are fireproof. Just get a ceramic bowl – you can get these at most hardware or home improvement stores – and fill it with aquarium or pea gravel or tempered glass. This really is the easiest way to create your own little fire bowl and it will only take you a few minutes to put it all together.

Tutorial/Source: birdsandblooms

4. Cheap And Easy Personal Fire Pit

Cheap And Easy Personal Fire PitCheap and easy – two of my favorite words. This personal tabletop fire pit is both and you’ll love the gorgeous design. For this one, you’ll be creating your own little glass box and when it’s finished, it really is the perfect fire for your patio table. You fit the glass box over a square metal planter and then add river rocks or other stones and your fire source, which can be any number of things, although the can of gel fuel really is the easiest fire source.

Tutorial/Source: theartofdoingstuff

5. Lovely Orchid Fire Pot

Lovely Orchid Fire PotThis tabletop orchid fire pot isn’t so much a DIY project as something I found on Etsy but it is certainly worth considering. It’s a beautifully artistic fire pot that would look beautiful on your patio table. Most of the fire bowls in this list are going to cost from $20 to $40 depending on the materials that you need. You can get this lovely orchid version for $99 and it’s made from fire glass and steel.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

6. DIY Fire Bowl From Planter

DIY Fire Bowl From PlanterA concrete or ceramic planter is perfect for creating your own tabletop fire bowl. Just fill the planter with river rock or any other suitable filler and add your fire source. This is one of the easiest tabletop fire bowls on the list and you can get all of the materials to make it for around $20 or so.

Tutorial/Source: todayscreativelife

7. Easy $3 Dollar Store Fire Bowl

If you just don’t have the budget for a more expensive fire bowl, you’ll love this one that’s made completely out of Dollar Store supplies. All the supplies together shouldn’t cost you $3 or maybe just a bit over depending on your preferences. You’ll need a medium sized flower pot – not a plastic one – a chafing fuel cup and a bag of those assorted mini stones. That’s it. Just put it all together and you have one of the easiest and cheapest fire bowls you could possibly make.

8. Easy DIY Concrete Tabletop Fire Bowl

Easy DIY Concrete Tabletop Fire BowlThis DIY tabletop fire bowl incorporates two different bowls which gives it a great look. You’ll need nesting bowls and some lava rock. You’ll create molds of your bowls with concrete and these will be your fire pit bowls. One bowl will fit inside the other and you’ll fill in the edges with lava rock or other stones. Then add your fuel source and you’re all done.

Tutorial/Source: instructables


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