20 Brilliant Repurposing Ideas and Projects For Broken China And Other Glass

1. DIY Mosaics From Broken China

DIY Mosaics From Broken ChinaHere’s a great way to turn all those broken china pieces into mosaics that you can then use to decorate just about anything you want. You just have to choose your design – or completely freehand it – it’s all up to you. Making mosaics from china is really easy and allows you to keep that beloved china displayed instead of simply throwing it out. Whether you choose to cover a canvas, picture frame, or just about anything else. You’ll know how to create mosaics and never have to part with those treasured broken dishes again.

Source/Tutorial: mosaictipsandtricks

2. DIY China Mosaic Backsplash

DIY China Mosaic BacksplashYou can take those old broken plates and create a stunning backsplash in the kitchen. This is a lengthy and time consuming job but just imagine how worth it the overall result will be. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own unique backsplash, this is definitely the time to go for it and you get to repurpose that broken glass at the same time.

Source/Tutorial: realitydaydream

3. DIY Backyard Chandelier

DIY Backyard ChandelierI adore this backyard chandelier. Not only are the candles perfect for a soft glow in the evening, but those broken china plates are put to beautiful use in creating it. You can also use the china teacups that match your broken plates or create a chandelier that is really unique by using dishes in various different colors and designs. The broken glass pieces also act like a wind chime – giving your backyard a beautiful look and sound.

Source/Tutorial: familjeniuttran

4. Repurposed Broken China Birdbath

Repurposed Broken China BirdbathTake a regular concrete birdbath and cover it with pieces of your broken glass and you have a beautiful display for your garden. You can use broken CDs or DVDs to create this but wouldn’t it be so much more beautiful with mosaics that you make from your broken china? It’s a relatively easy project – you just glue on those broken pieces of glass and you’ve got a beautiful birdbath that your birds, and neighbors, will adore.

Source/Tutorial: meandmydiy

5. DIY Mosaic Memory Photo Frames

DIY Mosaic Memory Photo FramesThat broken china or other glass can be used to create these gorgeous memory frames that you can use to hang your favorite family photos. This memory frame has a shabby chic look that is perfect for showing off your favorite pictures. You can decorate with broken china as well as anything else that you want to use that shows off the character of your picture subject. This is a wonderful idea for birthday, Mother’s Day, or even baby shower gifts.

Source/Tutorial: hometalk

6. DIY Mosaic Birdhouse From Broken China

DIY Mosaic Birdhouse From Broken ChinaImagine hanging this birdhouse on your porch or in your garden. It’s absolutely beautiful and you can make it with pieces of broken china. It’s colorful – depending of course on the china pieces that you use – and is sure to grab the attention of everyone who sees it. You can make it by gluing those broken china pieces onto a wooden birdhouse kit, which you can pick up at any hobby or craft store.

Source/Tutorial: thecomfortsofhome

7. Repurposed China Tabletop

Repurposed China TabletopI love this gorgeous tabletop that is made from creating mosaic tiles from your broken china. Keep in mind that when you’re doing mosaics, you will need to use grout, which can be quite messy. It can also take a bit of time. You can make this table using broken pieces of any type of glass but for something really special, use your broken china and other plates to create a colorful and unique table that is sure to be the center of focus in any room.

Source/Tutorial: diynetwork

8. Broken China Fairy House

Broken China Fairy HouseThat broken china – or other glass that you may have on hand – will look gorgeous when you use it to create this whimsical fairy house. Imagine this little house in your flower garden! You can create a fairy house in any height that you want, or use your broken china pieces to make several smaller houses and have an entire community for those fairies. I adore fairy houses and think they add so much whimsy to the garden. You’ll love creating this one almost as much as you love looking at it when it’s finished.

Source/Tutorial: mosaicqueen

9. Easy DIY Glass Fridge Magnets

Easy DIY Glass Fridge MagnetsIf you just can’t force yourself to throw out that broken china and you really want a simple project for repurposing it – turn those pieces into fridge magnets. This is a project that really doesn’t take much work. You just add a magnet to the back of your chunks of china. You may want to smooth out the edges just a bit but this is the perfect way to display that china pattern that you just can’t part with and keep it simple at the same time.

Source/Tutorial: nur-noch


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