20 Brilliantly Crafty DIY Ideas To Upcycle Broken Mirrors

1. Upcycled Mirror White Board

Upcycled Mirror White BoardTurn that mirror frame into a great white board. If the glass is broken or you just have an old mirror that you aren’t using any longer, this is a great way to upcycle it. Just cut a foam white board to size and attach it to your mirror frame. This is a great message board to use with dry erase markers. You can turn it into a shopping list board or anything you need.

Tutorial/Source: thehappierhomemaker

2. Upcycled Glass Medallion Mirror

Upcycled Glass Medallion MirrorI love this idea of using the broken glass from a mirror and turning into a beautiful medallion mirror. You can often find ceiling medallions at thrift stores – Goodwill Stores normally have tons of these types of things. Just (carefully) take that broken mirror and put it in the center of the ceiling medallion to create a stunning medallion mirror that is perfect for the hall or living room.

Tutorial/Source: mysweetthings

3. Mirror Mosaic Fence

Mirror Mosaic FenceIf your mirror – or several mirrors – is shattered, what better way to put those broken pieces to good use than to turn your ordinary fence into a work of art? This mosaic mirror fence is by far one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen and it’s not nearly as difficult to make it as you may think. Even if you don’t have enough mirror pieces, you can buy old cracked or otherwise broken mirrors at thrift stores for nearly nothing and create this beautiful backyard art with the pieces.

Tutorial/Source: hometalk

4. Rustic Custom Mirror Picture Frame

Rustic Custom Mirror Picture Frame
You can turn an old dresser mirror or any old mirror really, into a beautiful new rustic picture frame. Instead of throwing it out, why not make it something amazing? If you don’t want to do the work yourself, or you just don’t happen to have an old dresser mirror on hand, you can find a custom frame created from an old mirror on Etsy. This one is just $15 and it’s absolutely gorgeous –and has such a wonderful rustic farmhouse look.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

5. DIY Upcycled Mirror Chalkboard Calendar

DIY Upcycled Mirror Chalkboard CalendarI love chalkboard projects. Honestly, anything I can make a chalkboard out of is great in my book, which means I really adore this mirror that has been upcycled into a chalkboard. This would be great for keeping up with busy schedules and it’s a really easy chalkboard calendar to make. Just remove the glass from an old mirror – or if the mirror glass is intact, you can just paint over it with chalkboard paint and then paint on your calendar.

Tutorial/Source: sincerelysarad

6. Repurposed Mirror Jewelry Stand

Repurposed Mirror Jewelry StandHow great is this huge jewelry stand? I mean, this would hold all of the jewelry you could ever imagine owning. It’s actually an old stand up mirror base that you just turn into a jewelry holder by removing the mirror and adding some chicken wire – or something similar. I love the thought of painting and then distressing it, too to give it that great farmhouse rustic look.

7. Repurposed Mirror Into Family Communication Center

Repurposed Mirror Into Family Communication CenterThis old dresser mirror turned family communication center is wonderful. I love finding old furniture – broken old furniture even – at yard sales and thrift stores. You just never know what you can make with them. This old dresser mirror had lost its glass but was upcycled into a wonderful message center complete with a chalkboard, knobs for holding keys and things, and even some small compartments for catching mail and other papers.

Tutorial/Source: sassytrash

8. Upcycled Hand Mirror Picture Frames

Upcycled Hand Mirror Picture FramesHere is another wonderful way to turn old mirrors into beautiful picture frames. Just remove the glass and turn those antique hand mirrors into individual photo frames that you can hang on the wall. This is a great idea if you have a handed down mirror from a grandmother that has lost the glass. Add a picture of your grandmother and hang that mirror where you can appreciate its beauty every day.

9. Medicine Cabinet Mirror Vanity Tray

Medicine Cabinet Mirror Vanity TrayYou can even repurpose those old mirrors from medicine cabinets! I love this vanity tray that was made from an old medicine cabinet door with mirror. It’s rustic and just absolutely beautiful. I found this jewel on Etsy for just under $100, in case you don’t want to do the project yourself. You can easily recreate the look if you prefer the DIY way – just find an old medicine cabinet mirrored door, paint and distress it and then add handles – or leave off the handles; it’s all up to you.

Tutorial/Source: etsy.com

10. Repurposed Mirror Garden Art

Repurposed Mirror Garden ArtIf your mirror isn’t broken, you can use it to create this beautiful piece of garden art. You just have to choose the message that you want to display and then display it on your mirror. Of course, you’ll want to prep the mirror first by painting or maybe staining it – or distressing it if you like the rustic look. Then add your message and hang your new garden art outside in the garden.

Tutorial/Source: artfulsalvage

11. Upcycled Mirror Frame Fireplace Art

Upcycled Mirror Frame Fireplace Art. You get the idea, right? Hang the frame and then center another picture inside it. This is such an elegant and beautiful look and would be perfect for showing off family pictures.

Tutorial/Source: foreverdecorating

12. DIY Mirrored Gazing Ball

DIY Mirrored Gazing BallI love those beautiful little gazing balls that you see in everyone’s garden, don’t you? If you do and you don’t have one of your own, you can make one easily with the glass from a broken mirror. You’ll need a bowling ball – which you can probably pick up at a yard sale or thrift store pretty cheap – and then pieces of your broken mirror. The process takes a bit since you have to glue on the broken pieces and then grout around them, but it is definitely worth it to have this gorgeous gazing ball in your backyard.

Tutorial/Source: garagesalequeenart

13. Upcycled Broken Mirror Tabletop

Upcycled Broken Mirror TabletopUse those broken pieces of mirror to create a very unique and very lovely tabletop. You’ll need an old table, which you can get at a flea market if you don’t have one on hand to use and pieces of glass from your mirror. I love the look of this one and although it may take a while to get all the pieces in place, it will definitely be worth it when you see the end result.

Tutorial/Source: sowsear2


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