20 Space Saving Ideas and Organizing Projects to Maximize Your Small Bedroom

1. Skip The Curtains

Skip The CurtainsCurtains tend to take up more space than you realize – or at least they give the illusion of taking up space. If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, you can add the illusion of more space by taking out the curtains. This allows more natural light into the room which makes it appear larger. Of course, you don’t want people seeing into the room, so consider covering your widows with frosty film. This allows sunlight in and makes the room look natural neat and tidy.

Source/Tutorial: notmartha

2. Take Out The Headboard

Take Out The HeadboardIf your bedroom suite includes a large, overbearing headboard, you can create more space by removing that big headboard. You don’t have to go without a headboard of course, you can build on right on the wall. This not only takes away that bulky headboard that you currently have but it allows you to push your bed flush against the wall, giving you a few extra inches of space at the foot of the bed.

Source/Tutorial: takingtimetocreate

3. Make Floating Furniture

Make Floating FurnitureA desk or dresser can take up loads of space, which you may not have to spare in a smaller bedroom. Instead of using larger pieces of furniture, you can create floating furniture which gives you the storage and work space you need without taking up too much floor space. You just build the furniture on the wall, which also gives you additional floor space for storing other items that you may need in the room.

Source/Tutorial: designsponge

4. Combine Your Desk And Bedside Table

Combine Your Desk And Bedside TableIn a smaller room, you don’t really have room for too many pieces of furniture, which means that you may have to combine a few pieces to free up that floor space. You can turn your desk into a combination desk and bedside table which saves tons of space. You still have the desk that you need for working or browsing the internet but it doesn’t take up additional space and it doubles as a bedside table for your alarm clock and other necessities

Source/Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

5. Hang Your Hangers From The Ceiling

Hang Your Hangers From The CeilingUnfortunately, a small bedroom often means a small closet as well. If you don’t have enough closet space or you have to do away with a dresser in order to save floor space, you can utilize space from the ceiling to hang some clothing. Choose a corner and build a nice hanging closet right there in the room. This doesn’t take up nearly as much space as you would think and the hangers are toggled so you can always see what’s on each one.

Source/Tutorial: ramsamsaa

6. Use The Space Behind Your Door

Use The Space Behind Your DoorThere’s a neat way to utilize that space behind your door for hanging towels, robes, or anything you need to hang. If you have a really small closet, this is a great way to move bulky coats or other items out of the closet and keep them hidden out of sight at the same time. This little behind the door hanger is really easy to make and frees up space that you may need for other items in the closet.

Source/Tutorial: instructables

7. Hang Your Lamp

Hang Your LampYou can hang your lamp, if you have one on the bedside table that is, and free up additional space on the table. Or maybe you don’t have room for a bedside table and wonder where in the world your extra lighting will go. This hanging lamp is perfect for getting extra light and doing it without needing extra space. Plus, it’s a gorgeous wired lamp that uses Christmas lights – it gives off a warm and romantic glow.

Source/Tutorial: leonalane

8. Build Storage Behind The Bed

Build Storage Behind The BedA shelf behind the bed would be perfect for keeping books and other items out of sight and organized. If you have the space – and this doesn’t take up much room – you can build a little bookcase type storage area behind the bed and then just cover it up with curtains. You’ll need a bed without a headboard for this so that you can easily access the items on the shelves. It gives off a great vintage vibe- remember those old beds with bookcases built into the headboards?

Source/Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

9. Move The Dresser Under The Bed

Move The Dresser Under The BedInstead of having a dresser or two cluttering up your already too small bedroom, why not move your clothing storage to under the bed? This is a great area to utilize since you don’t really use the floor space under the bed anyway, and you can easily build a frame for your bed that has tons of drawers to hold those clothing items. Then you can move that huge dresser out of the room and give yourself a little extra floor space.

Source/Tutorial: ikeahackers

10. Skip The Footboard

Skip The FootboardIf you need a desk in the bedroom and you’re running low on space, you can turn your desk into a footboard. Instead of using a regular footboard, just move the desk to the foot of the bed. This really saves on space and looks great, too. You don’t even have to build anything for this one – just move a few pieces of furniture around and you’ll have a lot of space left over.

Source/Tutorial: housebeautiful

11. Make A Hanging Laundry Hamper

Make A Hanging Laundry HamperMy laundry hamper takes up a lot of space. Not more than the dresser of course, but if you don’t have much space to begin with then every little bit counts, right? You can save a bit of space by doing away with that standing hamper and making a hanging hamper. The hamper can hang on the closet door or on the backside of your bedroom door. It’s a really easy DIY project and a great space saver.

Source/Tutorial: makingniceinthemidwest


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