30 Brilliantly Easy DIY Fire Pits To Enhance Your Outdoors

1. Cheap And Simple Rock Bowl Fire Pit

Cheap And Simple Rock Bowl Fire PitThis is a smaller take on the traditional fire pit, and it’s perfect for smaller yards or patios. You use quickset concrete to create a bowl which will house the fire pit. Then you’ll need rocks – maybe river rocks or even rocks that you dig up out of your garden – as well as a chafing dish gel fuel pack, and a few other supplies. Use a large can to make the hole in your concrete bowl, which is where you will put the flame. I love how simple this is and it’s small so it is completely portable.

Tutorial: b3hd

2. DIY Glass Top Fire Pit Table

DIY Glass Top Fire Pit TableMaybe you prefer something more modern when it comes to your fire pit. This glass top fire table is perfect for your patio, and is just beautiful when it is completed. The base of the table serves to hide the propane tank which fuels the fire. I positively love the tiles on top of the table, but you could forgo those if you wanted. This is the perfect choice if you don’t have much of a backyard but still want that cozy fire to sit around at night.

Tutorial: moderustic

3. Easy Patio Paver Fire Pit

Easy Patio Paver Fire PitIf you want a more traditional fire pit, this patio paver version is great. You dig a hole in the ground, fill it with pebbles and then add patio pavers to the sides of your metal base to create the pit. This is great if you have room in the backyard for it and you can build this one to hold real wood if you prefer that to gas. It’s a little more work than some on the list, but you should be able to easily finish it in a day – maybe a weekend depending on how hard you work at it.

Tutorial: bowerpowerblog

4. Easy And Inexpensive Tabletop Fire Pit

Easy And Inexpensive Tabletop Fire PitThis tabletop fire pit is cheap and easy to make. You use a can of gel fuel to light it and the box looks much like those gorgeous tabletop water fountains that you see, complete with beautiful stones and a glass encasement. You can make the entire thing for around $25, and that’s if you have to purchase all of the materials. Imagine how much you can save if you have a few of the necessities already on hand! It’s a smaller, more personal fire pit, but a fire pit nonetheless.

Tutorial: theartofdoingstuff

5. Homemade Steel Box Fire Pit

Homemade Steel Box Fire PitIf you prefer something a bit more indestructible, this steel box fire pit is right up your alley. It is built with sheets of 12 gauge hot rolled steel and costs just about $100 for all of the materials. It’s also a relatively easy and pretty quick fire pit to build. There is some welding required for this one, and it may rust – although that would just lend to the rustic style of it – but it’s virtually impossible to destroy so it’s there for the long haul.

Tutorial: the-brick-house

6. DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit

DIY Cinder Block Fire PitYou don’t have to have a fire pit form to create this accessory for your backyard. You can build the form out of a number of things – such as cinder blocks. Here’s a great fire pit that only requires you to dig a shallow hole in the ground. Then, you fill the hold with cinder blocks in the pattern or size that you want. This entire project, including the cinder blocks, paver stones that sit on top to give it decoration, and the concrete mix only costs around $75.

Tutorial: caroleknits

7. Decorative Concrete Fire Pit

Decorative Concrete Fire PitThis decorative DIY concrete fire pit is really gorgeous and pretty cheap to make, too. You will need some gravel, a fire pit metal bowl in whatever size you want your fire pit to be, and some flagstone for the decorative top. You’ll build a wooden frame to mold the concrete, which is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. All in all, this is a really easy fire pit to make and you can have it finished in less than a weekend. It’s really elegant with the square shape and the flagstone on top, too.

Tutorial: diynetwork

8. DIY Patio With Included Fire Pit

DIY Patio With Included Fire PitThis project is for the entire patio area with a fire pit in the center. The patio is created with pavers and it’s simply gorgeous. As you are building in the patio, you start preparing for the fire pit and the center of the round patio holds your fire. Imagine having a totally new patio with a fire pit built right into it! This would solve your problem of where you should put the fire pit and it’s really beautiful when it’s finished.

Tutorial: countryfarm-lifestyles

9. DIY Stone Fire Pit

DIY Stone Fire Pite an old wishing well that you would see in a fairy tale with the stones that are used. It’s not terribly time consuming, but the stones are a bit more expensive than some of the other materials that you could use. It’s a gorgeous concept, though and one that you may just want to consider.

Tutorial: diynetwork

10. $10 Upcycled Fire Pit

$10 Upcycled Fire PitI love this idea! The entire fire pit will only cost you about $10 if you already have the main material – which is the drum out of an old washing machine. Even if you have to buy the drum, it won’t cost much to get a broken old machine. You use the drum as the actual pit which has these amazing little holes all through it so your fire will glow beautifully. If you’re looking for a really inexpensive way to build one, this old washing machine drum fire pit is perfect.

Tutorial: houseandfig

11. Shopping Cart Fire Pit

Shopping Cart Fire PitIf you’re really in a pinch for cash and you need a fire pit quickly, this shopping cart version is great. While it’s not something I would prefer, it does get the job done. I think this one would be wonderful for camping. You’ll need an old shopping cart, and that’s about it. Put a screen on top and you’re all set. You even have a space underneath to store extra wood and supplies.

Tutorial: instructables

12. Rustic Wheelbarrow Fire Pit

Rustic Wheelbarrow Fire PitAn old rusty wheelbarrow, the metal kind, makes a great choice for a creative and unique fire pit. You can place the wheelbarrow on a concrete surface to make it safer and then just fill it up with wood to light on fire. Choose a steel wheelbarrow, which you can get at most flea markets for around $5 or so, and make sure you use one with a steel wheel – you’re looking for an old-fashioned style.

Tutorial: misseffiesdiary

13. DIY Fire Pit From Tree Rings

DIY Fire Pit From Tree RingsYou can typically pick up concrete tree rings for around $2 per section. These make the perfect base for your fire pit. You just add a small round grill to the center and you’re practically all done. The total cost of this entire fire pit, including decorative stones to finish it off, is only around $50 or so depending on the specific stones you choose. It’s a really easy project, too.

Tutorial: instructables

14. DIY Brick Fire Pit

DIY Brick Fire PitAlong the same lines as most of these fire pit projects, you can use bricks to create a beautiful accessory for the backyard patio. Just dig your hole and then line it with bricks. If you have bricks leftover from another project, this one won’t cost you anything. Many times, you can get bricks really cheap – even free in some cases – if you find someone tearing down a building that has them. Once you’re finished layering the bricks, just add gravel to the center of your pit.

15. Large Squared Fire Pit

Large Squared Fire PitThis DIY fire pit is rather large – much larger than some of the others on the list, and requires quite a few materials. When it is finished though, it is absolutely phenomenal. If you tend to entertain larger groups of people then you definitely want a fire pit that leaves room for several chairs around it. This one will give you plenty of room for everyone. If you don’t need it this big, you can always cut it down a size or two.

Tutorial: rachelferrucci

16. Self-Feeding Fire Pit

Self-Feeding Fire PitThis self-feeding fire pit is genius. If you need a fire pit rather quickly and you need to be able to entertain instead of sitting there watching the flames all night, this is perfect. With the right amount and the right type of wood, this thing will burn for up to 14 hours! You just need to create a wood holder – or you could use a circular firewood holder – and then light the bottom. As the fire burns, the wood will rotate downward. While this may not be your choice for a permanent backyard fire pit, it is certainly the perfect one for camping!


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