30 Captivating Backyard Succulent Gardens You Can Easily DIY

1. Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To HeavenThis gorgeous succulent display uses a tree trunk as a background. You add the succulents so that they are climbing up the trunk. This is an excellent gardening option for those of you who have old trees in your yard that you don’t want to cut down. If you don’t have a tree, you could get the same effect with a ladder against the side of the house or porch. You can use any number of different succulent types and sizes.

2. Wheelbarrow Succulent Garden

Wheelbarrow Succulent GardenAn old wheelbarrow is the perfect place to plant your succulents. If you don’t have a rusty old wheelbarrow or wagon, you can pick them up for just a few dollars at a flea market or yard sale. Add some pea gravel or river stones and some mesh and potting soil. Then add your succulents. This little mini garden is perfect if you don’t have much ground room to plant succulents and it’s a big portable so you can move it when you need to do so for landscaping and such.

Source/Tutorial: drought-smart-plants

3. Cinder Block Succulent Garden

Cinder Block Succulent GardenIf you have a few cinder blocks in the backyard, and most people do, you can use them to create a beautiful display area for your succulents. Just place the cinder blocks a few tiers deep and add potting soil. Then place your succulents wherever you want them to build the display that you want. you may also want to add a few plants that hang, especially if you stack the blocks pretty high, or paint the blocks before you stack them if you want to create a theme or have a specific color that matches your exterior.

4. Birdcage Succulent Garden

Birdcage Succulent GardenI really love this idea – You just take an old birdcage and turn it into a holder for your succulents. Using a birdcage that opens from the top makes it much easier to access the plants inside. You can normally find old birdcages at thrift shops or you can buy a new one at most craft stores. Just use a hanging basket liner in the bottom of the cage to hold the plants in. Choose succulents that will fit easily inside and peek out the cage for a good display.

Source/Tutorial: gardentherapy

5. Succulent Wreath

Succulent WreathThis succulent wreath is perfect if you want to add a succulent garden but have very little space available. You use a variety of different succulents and moss to create the wreath which you can hang on the side of your house or in your garden. Start with a floral wreath form to make things easier and use floral or chicken wire to hold it all together. As your succulents grow, the wreath will become fuller and more lush.

Source/Tutorial: ourfairfieldhomeandgarden

6. Gardening Can Succulent Planter

Gardening Can Succulent Planter larger succulent garden. If you don’t have an old watering can, you can use a new one or look for one when you’re flea market or thrift store shopping. If you want a succulent garden that has a rustic theme, this is the perfect way to get it.

Source/Tutorial: designdininganddiapers

7. Boot Or Shoe Succulent Planters

Boot Or Shoe Succulent PlantersTake an old pair of boots or walking shoes and turn them into wonderful planters for your succulents. I love this idea for old rustic looking gardens. Just stuff the boots with cactus soil and add your succulent. You may only be able to get one per shoe at the top but you can also cut away the top section of the toes and place another there. Add a complete pair of boots to have a wonderful little mini succulent garden that is sure to be the talk of your next garden party.

Source/Tutorial: flickr

8. Succulent Garden Chair Planter

Succulent Garden Chair PlanterThis garden chair turned mini succulent garden is gorgeous. You use chicken wire and moss to hold your plants in place, and you can use any selection of plants you wish. Remove the seat from your old chair and then add moss. This is a great upcycle project for broken chairs and you have such a creative base. An old wrought iron patio chair would also look great or you could do this with an entire bench.

Source/Tutorial: empressofdirt

9. Outdoor Succulent Plant Shelf

Outdoor Succulent Plant ShelfI really love this outdoor plant shelf for succulents – it’s particularly perfect if you just don’t have enough space for a more traditional garden. The great thing about this shelf is you may be able to build it for nothing. If you have an old pallet, you can totally convert that into this lovely shelf, and it holds loads of succulents. I especially like the burlap – it gives it a great rustic look. You can also just place plant containers into the shelf instead of planting directly, so it will be easier to change plants out when needed.

Source/Tutorial: empressofdirt

10. Succulent Planter Box

Succulent Planter BoxI really adore the colors in this one – you can get such a great rainbow look from adding different succulents. I also love that it’s in a wooden box, so you can move it about as needed or make the box stationary. It’s still a great idea if you want to keep your succulent garden up off the ground for whatever reason. Adding a few other broad leaved plants just adds to the overall beauty of this little mini garden.

Source/Tutorial: ecoosfera.com

11. Succulent Dish Garden

Succulent Dish GardenIf you’re planning a garden for indoors, this dish garden is the perfect choice. You can also use it outdoors, just add more dishes. I think a saucer on top of a candlestick or something similar would give you a lovely Florentine look and you can add other succulents around your centerpiece. Or, if you want something really huge, incorporate this into an actual birdbath and use these little dish gardens around it.


12. Rack Against The Wall

Rack Against The WallIf you have an old pallet, you can easily turn that into a wonderful standing succulent garden. You just simply lean it up against the wall and use it for holding small plant containers. How very easy! Add succulents of all different sizes and colors to get a really colorful look. This one doesn’t require any work except for standing up the pallet and deciding where to place your succulents. If you want to though, you could affix it to the wall so that it’s more stable.

Source/Tutorial: upcyclethat.com

13. Desert Spheres

Desert SpheresYour garden will look beautiful with these succulent balls hanging all around. You’ll need peat moss to hold the plants and you’ll have to create the ball. You can use any number of things to make a sphere. Wire hanging baskets and strong chains or wire for hanging give you all you need to decorate fences, patios, or just about anywhere. I love how versatile this one is – you can literally hang them anywhere and you can stuff so many succulents into one sphere – use different colors throughout to give it a great rainbow effect.

Source/Tutorial: drought-smart-plants

14. Succulent Fishing Tackle Box

Succulent Fishing Tackle BoxHow adorable is this? Whether you use a new tackle box or an old rusted one that isn’t much use for fishing any longer, this succulent fishing tackle box is the perfect way to create a mini succulent garden on the patio or porch. I personally think the rusted look is the way to go. If you don’t have an old tackle box, you can probably pick one up at a yard sale or flea market for just a couple dollars. Set it atop an old rusted chair or stool and fill with all the succulents it will hold!

Source/Tutorial: empressofdirt

15. Beautiful Seascape Succulent Planter

Beautiful Seascape Succulent PlanterEven if you don’t live near the beach, this gorgeous seascape succulent planter will make you feel as if you do. The planter is covered in seashells, which perfectly contrast the beautiful coloring of the succulents. You just cover your terra cotta pots with seashells, hot gluing them in so that they stay in place. I love this idea – especially since visiting the beach is my favorite pastime. If you don’t have seashells, you can get them the next time you visit the beach or buy them at your local craft store.

Source/Tutorial: billabong

16. Regal Pathways

Regal PathwaysThe colors in this make it really stand out. You use succulents to create different pathways, each made of a single stream of color. It gives the illusion of a river winding right through your yard. You can do this with any number of different colors and sizes of succulents. The overall effect is gorgeous and so unique – your neighbors are sure to be filled with jealousy when they see what you’ve done.

Source/Tutorial: coupdepouce


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