80 Brilliant DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas That Will Give Your Outdoors Character

1. DIY Concrete And Wood Bench

DIY Concrete And Wood BenchThis may just be the easiest backyard bench you’ve ever made. It’s made from concrete blocks and wooden slats. If you have wood leftover from other projects, you can use that or you can buy the slats at any home improvement store. To make the bench, you just affix the blocks together to make them sturdy and then slip the wood slats through the holes – easy peasy! And, you can paint or stain the wood and/or blocks to customize the colors.

Source/Tutorial: ehow

2. Easy Backyard Hanging Lounger

Easy Backyard Hanging LoungerYou know you want this hanging lounger in your backyard! It’s the most relaxing thing I have ever seen and it’s super easy to make. You just join the pallets together with ropes, which you’ll secure to a heavy tree, and then add your cushions. How wonderful would it be to relax in this on summer evenings? You can even hang solar lanterns so that you have a nice romantic glow or a great reading light.

Source/Tutorial: themerrythought

3. Adorable DIY Toadstools

Adorable DIY ToadstoolsThese toadstools are really adorable and believe it or not, they’re made from old wooden salad bowls. Now, if you don’t have any wooden salad bowls, you can pick them up at many thrift stores for very little cash. Then, you clean, paint and otherwise turn those salad bowls into the cutest toadstools ever for your backyard. And, you can even sit on them!

Source/Tutorial: twigandtoadstool

4. DIY Backyard Cooler Table

DIY Backyard Cooler TableThis amazing table is all handmade and it has a nice little cooler section right in the center to keep your drinks cold and close at hand. This is the perfect large sized picnic table. You can fit so many people around it and what fun having a cooler right there in the table! You could also put food in the cooler section – cold cuts or fruit, just whatever you want. I guarantee that this will become your summer time dinner table – you may never want to eat in the dining room again.

Source/Tutorial: ana-white

5. Backyard Day Bed

Backyard Day BedThis great DIY backyard day bed could actually be built with materials that you have left over from other projects. It fits perfectly onto your porch or deck, depending on the size that you build and is a project that you can easily complete in just an afternoon. When it’s finished, just add a mattress and some pillows and you’ve got the perfect place to nap during those warm summer afternoons.

Source/Tutorial: apprenticeextrovert

6. DIY Outdoor Bar Cart

DIY Outdoor Bar CartWhether you indulge in the occasional cocktail or you prefer sweet tea and lemonade on hot summer days, this outdoor bar cart is a must for backyard entertaining. It doesn’t take nearly as many supplies or as long to make as you may think and your backyard will be the hit of the neighborhood. It has wheels so you can easily roll it around the deck or roll it into the house for indoor entertaining, too.

Source/Tutorial: thisoldhouse

7. DIY Outdoor Rug

DIY Outdoor RugOkay so technically this isn’t furniture per se, but it is necessary for your deck. This DIY backyard rug is perfect for dressing up your back porch just a bit and you can be as creative as you like when making it. You just take a plain outdoor rug or use one that needs to be repurposed and paint with spray paint. Choose whatever colors and designs you want – this is surf to brighten up your decking and is the perfect place to dry off after a swim – if you have a pool, that is.

Source/Tutorial: designimprovised

8. DIY Concrete Chair/Planter

DIY Concrete Chair/PlanterThis is a colorful and unique chair that is also a planter. You could totally add some cushions and make this chair the center of your garden area. It’s big enough to actually be considered a bench and you make it with cinder blocks. The holes in the blocks double as planters so not only do you get a wonderful chair, you get a chair that is literally crawling with beautiful flowers and foliage.

Source/Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

9. Easy Concrete Side Table

Easy Concrete Side TableWhat if I told you that you could make your own concrete side table from scratch? You can! This is such a wonderful project and so easy. You just use a large planter as a mold and then use concrete to create the table base. You’ll have to let this one set up for several hours so it’s probably a project to be stretched out over a weekend. When the base is finished, just add the top – made from wood, plastic, or whatever you want.

Source/Tutorial: lowes

10. Upcycled Milk Crate Stools

Upcycled Milk Crate StoolsIf what you need is just a few more seats out on the deck, these milk crate stools are perfect. Growing up, we used milk crates for everything from storage to tables and even seats but we never went all out like these. You can easily add outdoor cushions to the tops of these to make them more comfortable and milk crates are such an inexpensive seating option – you can buy them from thrift or junk stores for about a dollar each.

Source/Tutorial: tupelohoneycaro

11. Repurposed Pallet Sofa

Repurposed Pallet SofaI love pallet projects and I really love repurposing projects so this one is a double win for me. This pallet sofa is such an easy project and it looks great on the deck or porch. You don’t even need a lot of heavy power tools. Just some old pallets – which you can get from any number of sources – and when it’s finished, some cushions and pillows. This is a great summer couch or a nice cuddle up couch for the cooler months.

Source/Tutorial: funkyjunkinteriors

12. Outdoor Cable Spool Rocking Chair

Outdoor Cable Spool Rocking ChairAn old wooden cable stool makes the perfect rocking chair for your porch or deck with just a bit of work. This is such a cute idea and it’s not really difficult to make. It will be a great reading chair or just a nice relaxing rocking chair for those warm summer evenings. You can shape it however you like and it’s a really inexpensive upcycle project. You can find these old wooden spools at home improvement stores or check with your local cable company.

Source/Tutorial: davidmeddingsdesign

13. DIY Wire Patio Table

DIY Wire Patio TableThis patio table is made with vegetable towers – that you use in the garden for beans or tomatoes – and a pine round on top. It’s a really easy table to make and will look beautiful on the deck, patio, or porch. You can paint or stain it when you’re finished or paint it white and distress with sandpaper for a wonderfully rustic look.

Source/Tutorial: holtwoodhipster

14. Easy Macramé Hammock

Easy Macramé HammockEvery backyard should have a hammock and this one is an easy DIY. You will need to know how to macramé but even if you’re just beginning, this is a relatively easy project and when you’re finished, you’ll have this amazing hammock chair to rest and relax on warm summer evenings. It’s a lovely hammock and one that’s perfect for hanging under your favorite shade tree.

Source/Tutorial: diyncrafts

15. Reclaimed Pallet Double Chair

Reclaimed Pallet Double ChairThis great chair is for two and it includes a table in the center for holding your drinks, books, or anything else you need while you’re outside. This one is on Etsy and it’s made of pine wood but you could easily use a reclaimed pallet or two to recreate the look and even drill in some cup holders.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

16. Upcycled Door Beverage Station

Upcycled Door Beverage StationThis vintage door makes a wonderful beverage station, complete with bottle opener and shelves for holding loads of drinks. This would be the perfect addition to any deck or porch and it’s a really easy DIY project. If you don’t have an old door to use, check with your local thrift stores or flea markets.

Source/Tutorial: findinghomeonline

17. Reclaimed Pallet Lounge

Reclaimed Pallet LoungeA few pallets and some cushions are all you really need to create a lovely and comfortable lounge for the backyard or deck. This project is so easy – you really just have to stack your pallets into the lounge shape and add cushions – and paint if you want. It’s a simple DIY backyard furniture project that you can easily finish in an afternoon.

Source/Tutorial: frecklesandfluff

18. DIY Rolling Cooler Ottoman

DIY Rolling Cooler OttomanA rolling cooler that doubles as an ottoman – what a wonderful summertime backyard project! You’ll always have cold drinks right there where you want them and the cooler is cushioned so it serves as an ottoman or an additional seat if needed. This is much simpler to make than it looks and such a must have backyard furniture idea.

Source/Tutorial: homedepot

19. Repurposed Crate Side Table

Repurposed Crate Side TableThis is the perfect side table to hold those cold drinks and even a book or two. It’s made from a recycled crate and it’s the perfect farmhouse rustic furniture for the backyard. You can get this one on Etsy if you prefer to buy instead of DIY – or you could easily recreate the look with an old wooden crate and some distressing.

Source/Tutorial: etsy.com

20. DIY Cushioned Stump Stools

DIY Cushioned Stump StoolsWhat better way to rid your yard of those unsightly stumps than to turn them into stools? These stump stools may not cost you anything if you have a few rather large logs lying around. You’ll just have to level them up and add your cushioning to make them comfortable. Plywood at the base of the cushion keeps it super level and comfy.

Source/Tutorial: hahappenings


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