DIY Nebula Jar

A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Open up a discussion with your kids about nebulas and how they may form in outer space with this out-of-this world craft! Simply layer cotton balls, water, tempera paint and glitter until you reach the top of the jar and you create a craft that mimics the wonder of an actual nebula in space!

    1. Fill your glass jar with a little water.


    Add water

    2. Add a little tempera paint and stir.

    Tempera paint

    3. Add cotton balls and then glitter.

    Cotton and glitter

    4. Keep adding layers of water, tempera paint, cotton balls and glitter, pressing down the cotton balls with a spoon until you reach the top.

    keep adding layers

    5. Screw on the lid and your Nebula Jar is all set!

    Feature Nebula Jar






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