How to Build These Beautifully Rustic DIY Floating Shelves {Free Plans}

If you need to put in new shelving somewhere in your house, what do you do? I used to go out and buy shelves, but that isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes you need to space your shelves out in such a way that you’d do better with some kind of free-floating solution. Lately I’ve been thinking about putting in some new shelves in my home. I’m tired of the clutter that I’ve got everywhere, and a few additional shelves would give some objects a better home and get them out of the way.

So originally I was thinking about something from this list of 40 DIY shelf projects. But nothing was quite what I was looking for, because some of the wall space I have to utilize is a little cramped. Plus I want to be able to space the shelves unevenly, because some will hold taller objects and others will hold shorter objects. These invisible bookshelves were worth a thought, but not quite the style I wanted. So it was right back to searching …

But then I found exactly what I was looking for in these rustic floating shelves from Shanty2Chic!

Check out their original blog post to find out more about how they did it, and ENJOY … FREE PLANS! You can download them right here.

These shelves feature a simple, rustic look which could fit in beautifully with any décor, whether homespun or contemporary. Because they are free-floating, you can craft them to your exact specifications and space them however you need them on your walls. The finished result looks absolutely stunning. I am in love with this tutorial, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Finally … a DIY shelving solution perfect for any wall space!


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